Family Resources

New Resources Available on Clever!

Here are some examples of additional activities that are available through Clever. Please have your child log in to their Clever account to see resources available for their grade level.


Day-by-day projects to keep students reading, writing, thinking, and growing.

Screen Free Math Time

This document outlines different ways to engage your student in doing activities and talking math in a natural and fun way.

PBS Kids

Free Reading Games for Kids

Waterford Great Virtual Fieldtrips

When you get to this page, no need to subscribe. Just scroll down to the blue hyperlinked text within the page to take your field trips.

Kids Listen Podcast

Listen to a daily podcast and learn about science, history, animals, music, and language, and then make that learning active with hands-on projects and activities

Family Routine - Rutina Familiar

Maintaining a routine is an important part of helping children during times of uncertainty. Structuring days so that children have a predictable schedule can help. The materials provided on the Student Materials page can be used as part of your child's daily routine.

Make a copy of this example and edit it to meet your family needs.

Mantener una rutina es una parte importante de ayudar a los niños en tiempos de incertidumbre. Estructurar días para que los niños tengan un horario predecible puede ayudar. Los materiales provistos en la página de Materiales del estudiante se pueden usar como parte de la rutina diaria de su hijo.

Haga una copia de este ejemplo y edítelo para satisfacer las necesidades de su familia.

Family Home Learning Schedules
Family Home Learning Schedules Spanish

Online Activities - Actividades en Linea


  • Tulare Public Library e-Library - Ebooks and Audiobooks available for adults and children

  • Table Talk Math - Free resources to spark conversations about math

  • Several additional activities have been added to Clever: Virtual Field Trips, Coding activities, Art & Music resources, and more!

En Linea

Offline Activities - Actividades Fuera de Linea


  • Screen-Free Math Time

  • If you have a musical instrument ... practice!

  • Family puzzles and game boards

  • Enjoy Nature (go for a walk, play outside, ride a bike or scooter)

  • Bake cookies or cook a family favorite recipe

  • Scrapbook photos of friends and family

  • Write a letter to a friend

  • Organize an area in your room

  • Read a book and share your favorite part of the story

  • Create a comic book

  • Find geometric shapes in your home (I spy a triangle ... I spy a square)

  • Flip a coin 10, 20, 100 times to compare heads vs. tails

  • Study patterns in plants by collecting leaves

  • Create a new dance move or game

  • Count steps between rooms in your home

  • Play "I'm thinking of..." (I am thinking of an animal that is grey, is large, and has a trunk...)

  • Make notes or cards to send to nursing homes

Fuera de Linea

  • Si tienes un instrumento musical ... ¡practica!

  • Rompecabezas y tableros de juegos familiares

  • Disfrute de la naturaleza (salga a caminar, juegue afuera, ande en bicicleta o en scooter)

  • Hornea galletas o cocina una receta favorita de la familia

  • Fotos de bloc de notas de amigos y familiares

  • Escribir una carta a un amigo

  • Organiza un área en tu habitación

  • Lee un libro y comparte tu parte favorita de la historia

  • Crea un cómic

  • Encuentra formas geométricas en tu hogar (veo un triángulo ... veo un cuadrado)

  • Lanza una moneda 10, 20, 100 veces para comparar cara contra cruz

  • Estudiar patrones en plantas recogiendo hojas

  • Crea un nuevo movimiento de baile o juego

  • Cuente los pasos entre habitaciones en su hogar

  • Juega "Estoy pensando en ..." (Estoy pensando en un animal que es gris, es grande y tiene un tronco ...)

  • Hacer notas o tarjetas para enviar a hogares de ancianos