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Science Featured Resources

Below are several grade-level Science Exploration Boards. Look inside for science ideas that students and families can do together. Included in each grade-level exploration sheet is a STEM Family Activity. There are six different STEM Family Activities, feel free to explore them all by looking at other grade-level's Science Exploration Boards.

TK-K Science Summer Exploration Board.pdf
1st-Grade Science Summer Exploration Board (1).pdf
2nd Science Summer Exploration Board.pdf
3rd Science Summer Exploration Board.pdf
4th Science Summer Exploration Board.pdf
5th Science Summer Exploration Board.pdf
6th Science Summer Exploration Board.pdf
7th Science Summer Exploration Board.pdf
8th Science Summer Exploration Board.pdf

Previously Featured Science Resources

NOVA Science Videos

PBS Digital Studios

PBS Digital Studios PBS Digital Studios is a large digital library that contains many science videos. Some of the offerings include Physics Girl, Crash Course Kids Science, and Serving Up Science.

Sheheroes Inspiring Girls To Become Tomorrow's Leaders. Sheheroes empowers 10 - 14 year-old girls and boys by profiling exceptional career women who have achieved success while overcoming obstacles. Like Sally Ride, we believe: “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it!”

Design Squad Global (PBS)

Design Squad Global (PBS) Free engineering activities with PBS. This site includes "This weeks wow," games, videos, digital design studio challenges where you can build your own design online, and instructions to build your own activities at home.


CoderZ Amazon future engineer free sign-up to practice engineering and coding. There are multiple activities at four levels: Novice, Beginners, Intermediate, and Advance. Build your skills through the activities or start your own personal project while you keep your eye on the scoreboard.

iNaturalist Nature Tracking/Exploration

iNaturalist (track, identify and contribute to scientific knowledge)SEEK App by iNaturalist (find out about local plants and animals) To take part in this large community, all you need to do is log in to the website or the mobile app, enter your data and get activated immediately to explore, discover, record your observations and share them with everyone. The app is very intuitive and simple to use: just take a photograph of a plant or animal, upload it directly to the app or website and record a report that will be added to all the others. Providing data is very simple, you just have to observe, photograph and upload photos on the website that will send this data directly to scientists who can use it in specific studies of flora and fauna.

Explore Livecams

View livecams and recorded highlights from around the world. Visit the elephants in Africa, bears fishing in Alaska, kitten rescues playing, hatching eaglets, the beaches of Oahu, Hawaii, and so many more. There is a livecam for all interests. Click on the above link and choose where you would like to explore today.

National Park Tours

Engineering Challenges

Stem Space at Home Vivify is launching a STEM Space At Home weekly video series. Tune in every Thursday for a new STEM activity, led by an engineer, and using materials you can find at home. The videos are intended to support elementary and middle school students through fun engineering design challenges with a real-world connection. Old challenges are stored on the website to be accessed and used at any time.


Science Computer Simulations

Gizmo - Students can pick a Gizmos, explore and complete the student exploration sheet that goes with the Gizmo chosen. Currently free to sign-up on the website. TCSD access from Clever for 6th-8th grade students


Science Computer Simulations

Phet Interactive Simulations- - (6-8) Phet Simulation allow students to do online digital science labs.

Flinn at home labs

Flinn at home lab series

Prerecorded or live Chemistry experiments and student document link. New lab preformed live each week.

Virtual SCICON Trails

With schools and SCICON closed and stay-at-home orders in place, teachers and parents are working hard to provide educational opportunities to their students. Students are missing out on once-in-a-lifetime experiences like SCICON. To help teachers, parents, and students capture some of the great experiences had at camp, SCICON has launched its home edition, complete with videos released the next two weeks. Activities and lessons are coming in May to engage students in science and connect them to nature right from their own homes.Video links:

San Diego Zoo

Virtual Field Trips & Games

Take a trip to the San Diego Zoo for a virtual field trip. Pick your favorite animal or area of the park for live webcams and to learn more information about the plants and animals found inside the zoo. See what is going on right now... San Diego Kids (stories, live cams, games & more)Animals and Plants (habitat & information)San Diego Safari Park (hover over “videos & cams” tab to see live cams & animal videos)

Citizen Science Projects

Zooniverse Once you enter the site click on "projects" on the top bar on the left. Choose a citizen science project that matches what you are learning or a specific interest. Participate and help with a current scientific study.You can contribute to scientific research around the world and space. There is a project for every interest. Projects can include identifying animals captured on video using a key, looking for galaxies in space, seal watch, and many more plant animal and historical projects.
PBS American Spring Live Once on the page scroll down to the center to find more citizen science projects including butterflies and sunflowers.

Valley PBS Science

Valley PBS for Parents (TK-3) - shows, games, articles for parents

Valley PBS - (TK-8) videos for the students searchable by grade and topic.

PBS Learning Media - (TK-12) Learn at Home (Valley PBS) - videos, lessons, activities, and interactive to explore science.

Click image below for educational weekly TV scheduling and more.

Environmental Education at Home

Earth Day 2020 - a collection of games, activities and lessons for all ages, including a menu of Earth Day at Home ideas Or you can take action and join us on and on social media (@earthdaynetwork) for 24 hours of action on Earth Day. Every hour, on the hour, we’ll have a new, powerful way for you to demand action and drive change.

Earth Day Celebration

Virtual Earth Day Celebration

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 • 1:00–2:30 p.m. (PDT) - LIVE

Join us for an online program exploring some of the big ideas behind the science of the Earth’s systems. Watch the live stream below or on YouTube and Facebook.April 22, 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Founded in 1970 by activist groups, Earth Day is now an annual, global event to raise awareness about our natural environment, the threats posed by a changing climate, and the actions we can take to address and mitigate the impacts on our communities. Other resources in addition to live event found on the site.

Other Earth Day Links

National Geographic:
California Academy Of Science: